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Learning, discovering, caring, sharing and becoming are all part of what happens for the young children who enter our world.

Typical Schedule

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Full-time and part-time students...

The following are some of the activities your child will receive or be part of in South Burlington, after being enrolled at the International Children's School as either a full-time or part-time Vermont student.

All Academic activities are based on your child's Developmental Level and not on their age... For example: If your child has an easier time understanding phonics (sounds of the Alphabet), then they will be encouraged and challenged to grow, becoming excellent spellers and readers. This also applies in the areas of Math, Handwriting, Arts, Theme Facts, Music, Second Language Learning. More importantly they will also learn about the cultural beauty of other countries of the world. The Following is an outline of various academic and social activities your child will experience.

Some of the activities children experience at our daycare preschools:

  • Choice time - Free time
  • Foreign language (French, Spanish and/or Chinese)

    *offered when available and when enrollment size is sufficient*

  • Academic learning/spelling/phonics/reading/writing/arithmetic/math, science
  • Plays and/or performances throughout the year
  • Monthly theme celebrations, traveling in class (all around the world)
  • Snack & outside recess in the park (weather permitting); dance movement
  • Lunch (full-day students) rest time/quiet activities: snack time
  • Story-time, arts and crafts
  • Theme time geography, art, handwriting/journal writing/reading groups, music
  • Science/reinforcing themes, show & tell, story-time & reading
  • Choice time and/or outside play

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Parent's Testimonials

"My 5-yr old daughter has had such a steep learning curve in the last 18 months. When she started she barely knew her alphabets and now she can read small chapter books. She does complex addition and subtractions in Math with confidence. Kids are taught good manners and discipline in a loving manner... "