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School Dress Code

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We have always reserved the right to have a dress code for children and teachers.

Due to the overwhelming request of parents, who were constantly being asked by their children to buy them clothing that other children at our school were wearing, we decided to implement a dress code.

It is our policy at the Burlington International Children's School Inc. that all children be in uniform selected from the list below. (Except on Dress "Down Fridays")

* * Beginning with the 2009-2010 ,school year, children and staff can dress down most Fridays and theme days as long as it is appropriate attire to wear to school (no tummies showing or short skirts/shorts, Bermuda shorts are allowed).

Uniform - Girls

  • Tunic (Uniform Company)
  • White Peter Pan Collars Blouse / White Turtleneck
  • White / Blue / Green Tights / Socks
  • Blue / Black Dress Shoes (Sneakers for outside sports)
  • Navy Blue Button Down Cardigan Sweater

Uniform - Boys

  • Navy Blue Pants
  • Navy Blue Button Down Jacket
  • White Button Down Oxford Shirt / White Polo Shirt / White Turtleneck
  • Dress shoes (Sneakers for outside sports)

Summer Uniform(July, or from May to July depending on weather)

  • Navy Blue Bermuda Shorts
  • White Polo Shirt
  • White Socks
  • Sneakers
  • Summer Hat

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Parent's Testimonials

"My 5-yr old daughter has had such a steep learning curve in the last 18 months. When she started she barely knew her alphabets and now she can read small chapter books. She does complex addition and subtractions in Math with confidence. Kids are taught good manners and discipline in a loving manner. Compared to most other centers, it is very spacious and clean which helped her ( and us ) stay healthy."